At Riverview, we aim to promote and support the values and principles of inclusive education. In doing so we place emphasis on celebrating difference and diversity and see this as a core component in our approach to teaching and learning in the faculty.

The goal of the Centre for Learning Enrichment is to create a learning environment in which students with a wide range of learning challenges can progress at their own rate, experience success, reach their potential and feel a real sense of belonging in our school community.

Our team supports a collaborative approach to learning and curriculum design, working closely with external professionals to support the needs of all students.

Programs and Support

Curriculum Support

We understand that any classroom has a range of abilities and within this range there are students who require differentiated curriculum. The Curriculum Support team provides support for teachers to assist them to adequately support students with special needs in the classroom. This process carefully considers the voice of the student in the learning cycle and encourages creative curriculum design to support the diverse needs of the student population.

Assistance to staff commences with the pre-enrolment assessment of new students so that all the appropriate information in regard to students’ learning needs is available to the appropriate Director and teaching staff. In this way the school ensures an effective transition is undertaken with students with specific learning needs.

The Learning Enrichment team prepares submissions for funding to support the inclusion of student with disabilities in the regular classroom. It is also their duty that the submissions are effectively prepared and monitored.

In the differentiated curriculum the team provides encouragement and assistance to staff in designing programs of enrichment and acceleration for those students identified as gifted.

English Language Support

The support and guidance provided for students from non-English speaking backgrounds is a vital component of the College’s Centre for Learning Enrichment. This is not an ESL program, as the college expects overseas students to have reached a basic level of English.

The students spend one hour each week with a specialist teacher on a one-to-one basis and these lessons are built into their school timetable. The purpose of these classes is to help students improve their written and oral skills, understand set texts and interpret class assignments and assessment tasks. Also, they receive guidance in prioritising their workload and managing their time more effectively.

Specialist Staff

Learning Enrichment staff are strategically placed to assist each Year level.  

A variety of additional specialist services, such as occupational therapists, speech pathologists, psychologists and access to literacy and numeracy centres, may also be accessed through the Centre. In addition, we maintain valuable links with the Royal Institute for the Deaf and Blind, and with a number of university faculties.


Students may be referred to the Centre by their parents or teachers, or where school-based or independent testing indicates a need for targeted support. As prospective parents you are welcome to discuss your son’s needs with the Head of Centre, or any of the specialist teachers, prior to enrolment or at any time after commencement at Riverview.