Educating the Whole Person

Jesuit Education aims to educate people of competence, conscience and compassion, who will be doers of justice and carers of others.

It seeks to be world affirming—to reveal a world ‘charged with the grandeur of God’. 

It encourages study of all reality, promoting the search for God in all things while respecting the infinite variety of ways in which God is revealed to an individual. It aims to produce wisdom and a deep sense of reverence rather than marketability or a narrow orientation towards a specific career. 

It emphasises the fundamental importance of generosity in the service of others — following the model of Jesus Christ in becoming ‘men for others’.

The continual interplay of experience, reflection and action in the teaching/learning process lies at the heart of Ignatian teaching practice. All aspects of College life impart the Ignatian message. Fundamental to this is cura personalis—care for the whole person—respect for the individual’s identity, and balance and flexibility in dealing with the individual’s gifts, needs and educative readiness. 

The Characteristics of Jesuit Education

  • Seeks to demonstrate mastery of basic humanistic and scientific disciplines through careful and sustained study; and also a growing ability to reason reflectively, logically and critically
  • Emphasises traditional humanistic studies (eg language, literature and history) essential for an understanding of the human person
  • Includes careful and critical study of technology and the physical and social sciences
  • Gives particular care to the development of the imaginative and creative dimensions of each student
  • Includes opportunities, through curricular and co-curricular pursuits, for all students to come to an appreciation of literature, aesthetics, music and the fine arts
  • Emphasises the ability to work collaboratively with others as part of a team
  • Develops traditional skills in speaking and writing in the belief that the development of effective communication skills will always remain important for leaders
  • Includes programs which enable students to understand and critically evaluate the influence of mass media
  • Includes a well developed program of sports and physical education