Young men of competence, conscience and compassion, striving always for excellence in all they do

At Riverview we have developed an academic program and pastoral care system which enable a boy to reach his full potential as a person of faith, created and loved by God, and as a result provide a number of student leadership opportunities.


A College Captain and two Vice Captains—a Captain of Day Boys and a Captain of Boarding—are elected in Term 3 of each year. In addition a House Captain and two Vice Captains are appointed to each of the 16 Houses every year.

Riverview Student Consult

Formerly known as the Student Representative Council, the Riverview Student Consult is a student-driven committee that meets regularly to discuss topics relevant to students and to ensure the continued provision of lunchtime events. Delegates from each year group are appointed to the Consult annually.

Leadership in Boarding

The Boarding House has its own student leaders known as Proctors. A Proctor is a Boarding Prefect, elected by his peers, who assists in maintaining order in the Dining Rooms, organising some social events and acting as a Buddy to the younger boarders. A Proctor serves from Term 3 in Year 11 until his Trial Examinations commence in Year 12. Boarders are asked to nominate themselves for these positions by applying in writing to the Director of Boarding outlining what talents they would bring to this position and why they would like the role.  A vote by the senior boarders of those nominated follows.  Up to 20 Proctors may be appointed in a year.

The Proctors elect a Beadle (an Ignatian name for Assistant to the Teacher) who acts as the deputy to the Captain of Boarders and is the chief organiser among the Proctors.  The Head Sacristan, nominated by the Proctors, assists in coordinating boarders’ liturgies.