Staff Formation

Our challenge is to ensure that all staff understand Ignatian spirituality, and appreciate the promise of growth that it offers. This spirituality may then be passed on to the boys in our care. The College is very committed to its Staff Formation program. On the other hand, we are aware that Ignatian spirituality is not an end in itself. It is one of many ways of finding God in our lives.

The Core Program

All teachers are required to complete the four components of the core program during their first four years of service. In addition to these seminars, all staff participate in an annual Day of Spirituality.

What Else is Offered?

Spiritual formation, like learning, never ends, and so there is a wide range of activities that staff are invited and encouraged to participate in during their time at Riverview. Although some of the programs are specifically for teachers, others are more general and all staff members are welcome to participate. One of the activities is a three day retreat, held away from the College, which introduces staff to the outline of the Spiritual Exercises. Also each year all there is an opportunity to undertake a retreat in daily life, in which the participant prays daily and meets regularly with a spiritual director. Structured reading programs are another popular option.