Welcome to the Saint Ignatius’ College Riverview community. Whether you’re new to Jesuit education or have a long-standing relationship with the Society of Jesus and its tradition of education, I hope you’ll find something that takes you further along the path of life that leads back to God.

Since 1548, the Society of Jesus has been helping to educate young people in a tradition that celebrates developing the mind, body and spirit of the individual so that they can serve their community and their world. Here at Saint Ignatius’ College, we’re a community that constantly strives to become better today than we were yesterday. Whether as individuals developing skills and talents, or as a community growing in service and Christian charity, we’re a community that values excellence, growth and service.

Saint Ignatius Loyola, the founder of the Society of Jesus, realised that God has created us – every single one of us – to become a particular person. Each individual is blessed with gifts and limitations that make us completely unique and each with a purpose that only we can fulfil. The mission of Jesuit education is to help equip young people with the tools to discover who they are created to be and the desire to become that person, and in doing so, to give glory to God. But Ignatius also realised that we cannot walk the road to ourselves alone, that we are all pilgrims on the journey, and called to help one another become the person we are meant to be.

Our call is to educate one another to be the people the world needs most. So we journey together, exploring our world, asking questions about how we can live most fully as the person we are called to be, and using all the abilities we’ve been given to become that person in service to our community and the wider world. In doing so, we live out Saint Ignatius’ instruction to “go forth and set the world on fire”.

Ad Majoram Dei Gloriam
To the Greater Glory of God