Information and Communications Technology (ICT) is a powerful tool for learning and at Riverview we focus on using ICT tools embedded in best practice of teaching and learning to meet present and future learning needs for all students. 

We utilise technology in an innovative and creative manner so that the learning outcome for students are presented with depth and quality. Students in Year 5–6 and are issued with an iPad and students in Years 7–12 are issued with a laptop. We use a combination of digital and traditional text books, and integrate many internet or cloud-based services into the daily student experience. Each faculty in the College has allocation for an IT Integrator who works with the Head of Faculty to ensure consistency in technology use and learning experiences for all classes and stages.

All students have access to our online Learning Management System, known as Canvas, which hosts all of our digital learning resources and programs, and can be accessed both on campus and at home. Assignments can be completed directly into Canvas, and in turn automatically graded.

Christopher Brennan Library

The Christopher Brennan Library is located in the Senior Campus and supports student learning and research needs for Years 7 to 12. Students may come to the library for study, recreational reading, group work, use of a computer or to do homework or assignments. There are many places for students to find a spot to work! The library staff are able to assist students in locating information, learning how to research or learn about topics and using ICT for school work. 

Regis Library

The Regis Library is located on the Regis Campus and supports the learning and research needs of students in Years 5 and 6.

IPads in the classroom at Regis Campus