Points of Entry


Entrance to the College is in Year 5 and Year 7 for Day Boys. Applications for Day Boys are accepted at any time from birth until approximately two and a half years before the requested year of entry.


Boarder applications are given preference in Years 7–11 and are accepted at any time.

Waiting List

The College Waiting List is not ordered. The date of application does not confer any preference or priority. All Applications for Admission received prior to the closing date for the requested year of entry progress equally to the next stage of the enrolment process.

Changes to an Application for Admission (eg a change to the requested year of entry) can be made at any time prior to the closing date for the requested year of entry. As the Waiting List is not ordered, changes to your Application for Admission will not adversely impact your application in any way. Please notify the College if there is any change to your address or contact details so that you do not miss out on the next stage of the enrolment process.

Priority Criteria for Enrolment

When considering making offers of a place, preferential consideration is given, in order of priority, to:

  • Boys who have been baptised into the Catholic faith (exemptions may apply in Boarding only)
  • Families engaged in active membership of a parish community
  • Families whose values are congruent with those of the College
  • Brothers of current or past students of the College
  • Sons of Old Boys

Application for Admission and Application Fee

Prospective parents are asked to complete the Application for Admission.  A non-refundable Application Fee of $440 (inc. GST) must be paid to place your son on the Waiting List for a future year of entry. 

Confirmation of Application for Enrolment

Approximately two and a half years before the requested year of entry, parents will be asked to complete a full Application for Enrolment and forward further documentation to the College.

Each boy is assessed on:

  • Spiritual development (school report and Priest Reference Form);
  • Academic progress (all school reports and NAPLAN Tests for Literacy and Numeracy);
  • Social development (support material provided by parents and school reports);
  • Physical development (school report and support material).


The criteria used are multi-dimensional. Other than spiritual development, no criterion is taken in isolation.  The College considers the ‘whole person’ and attempts to choose applicants who will be best suited to the holistic schooling offered at the College.