Ignatian Spirituality

Saint Ignatius’ College Riverview is a Catholic School in the Ignatian tradition. This rich spiritual heritage is the centre of our ministry at Riverview and it is what characterises us as a Jesuit school. Our challenge is to celebrate and foster that difference by ensuring that all staff understand Ignatian spirituality, and appreciate the promise of growth that it offers. This spirituality may then be passed on to the boys in our care.

We aim to merge true Christian values and attitudes and a loving relationship with God and others through knowledge, understanding and experience of the Catholic faith both as individuals and as members of the Church community. We aim to encourage an attitude of openness to life’s questions, promote personal growth and developing an awareness of others and the world.

Formation is a comprehensive and multi-faceted process and each Year group follows a service-based program which is aligned with other components such as Retreats, Ignatian Service and Liturgies.

We are committed to nurturing the knowledge, awareness and attitudes within each student so that they become informed living witnesses to the values of Jesus Christ who seek to respond to God’s actions in their lives.