The Riverview Past Parents’ Association was formed some 27 years ago arising from a parental initiative. The concept of the Riverview Family is a powerful one and the Past Parents seek to provide a forum which is primarily concerned with fostering continuing friendship and support among those parents whose last or only son has left Riverview. Some past parents view their involvement with the PPA as an opportunity to give something back to the school community, particularly if they were unable to be actively involved with the P & F while their son was at school; others who have been actively involved in various areas find that the Association is a good way to catch up with friends through our three annual functions. It is also a good way to become aware of some of the continuing spiritual education initiatives offered by the College.

The Past Parents’ Association is not a fund raising body per se but we do have some money left over from our social functions and all of this is given to the College at the end of each year. It is used to fund an ongoing annual part bursary.

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