To ‘immerse’ means to plunge into; to be involved deeply.

The voluntary Immersion program at the College is offered to Year 11 students as one way of assisting to fulfil the Characteristics of Jesuit Education. Immersions offer students the opportunity for growth and transformation through the experience of service. Yet they are so much more—those involved are called upon: to work alongside people who are fighting the injustices of our world; to experience a totally different way of living; to reflect on the experience, discerning and naming those transformative moments. 

Whilst many students will have travelled to varying parts of the world, including some developing countries, many will have had little experience engaged with the works of the Jesuit ministries, or any other NGO’s in these areas. This program is in addition to the 20 hours of service they must complete in their own time, which is a part of the Ignatian Service program. 

An Immersion requires:

  • Engaging actively in evening reflections, prayers, liturgies before, during and after the Immersion.
  • Reflecting on the experiences of the day and seeking ways to find God in our lives and the lives of those we meet.
  • Reflecting deeply on this whole experience before its completion and discerning and naming the learning’s gained from the Immersion experience.
  • Being involved with another culture for a length of time that will allow for a more complete understanding of cultural differences to be experienced.
  • A thorough preparation program before the Immersion.
  • Experiencing a different culture and way of living.
  • Having a standard of accommodation referenced by and considerate of, the standard of the community being visited.
  • Working alongside people who are fighting the injustices of the society being visited – as much as possible this would be with our Jesuits, but it may include other NGO’s or individuals.
  • Being actively involved with follow‐up activities.
  • Doing more than just visit the designated area as tourists.