As an educational institution first and foremost, Saint Ignatius’ College Riverview delivers quality teaching and learning through highly qualified staff, who are committed to helping students achieve their highest potential. The curriculum is delivered alongside an inclusive and robust co-curriculum for a holistic educational experience in which students, as emerging global citizens, are encouraged to explore and discover their strengths and talents in a quest for human excellence. In the coming years we will continue to adopt new technologies and learning methodologies underpinned by research and proven to produce positive student outcomes.

Specific priorities in teaching and learning include:

  • A deep respect and aspiration for scholarship, which understands its place as a fitting response to God’s gift of reason and intellect.
  • Evidence-based responses to contemporary teaching and learning practices. We seek to deliver best teaching practices, including the Ignatian Pedagogical Paradigm (IPP), to ensure that our students are provided with agile and evolving learning platforms in a fast-changing world.
  • The cultivation of collaborative and differentiated learning to accommodate the diverse needs of students. Our Learning Enrichment and Special Education Integration Programs ensure that appropriate assistance is provided to students who require additional support, while integrated learning and other challenging programs cater for the needs of more academically inclined students.