The ‘care of the individual’ is nowhere more present than in the House system at the College, which provides every student with a mentor, a friend, and a place of belonging. This commitment to cura personalis enables students to flourish in an environment of mutual support and wellbeing, and is a continued focus for the years ahead.

Specific priorities in pastoral care include:

  • The cultivation of supportive environments through articulated pastoral care programs for staff and students, including the promotion of mental health and wellbeing, which is of particular concern in the face of a global pandemic;
  • The promotion of child-safe environments and child protection consistent with accreditation standards of the Australian Childhood Foundation;
  • Dedicated support and accessible options for those in our community experiencing adversity. 


Our commitment to cura personalis extends into every part of the Riverview community, embracing formation opportunities for staff, support for volunteers, and even retreat opportunities for parents.