On Saturday 3 November, our new interactive learning space, the Therry Building won Excellence in Construction – Educational Buildings at the Master Builders Association of NSW.

The building, which formally opened in July, is the first building to open in the College master plan, establishing an innovative future for formal education while at the same time, bridging a large chasm from traditional learning to new pedagogies. The Therry Building allows for the highest quality of teaching, learning and pastoral care, underpinned by principles of sustainability. Proving an opportunity for classes to engage in a range of modes of learning, from direct or explicit instruction, large group presentations and then to self-led, solo, or small group activities.

The furniture is comfortable, colourful, engaging and welcoming, with glass and sliding doors to ensure plenty of visibility and easy supervision in the building; allowing students to move easily between indoor and outdoor learning spaces which extend into adjoining courtyards, corridors and break-out spaces. While the transparency of operating in this kind of setting has challenged some students and teachers, the end result has been an extraordinary evolution in teaching and learning.

Thanks to our partners Quasar Constructions and PMBL for bringing such a fantastic concept to fruition.