On Friday 5 February the Laureate Assembly, one of the premier events of the year, was celebrated with the College community to honour the 2015 graduating class who secured Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) scores into the 90s. The sheer breadth and depth of achievement was something to behold, with 77 boys recognised for their outstanding results. 

Congratulations to our 2015 Laureates

Student NameATAR
Xavier Eales99.85
William Cronin99.80
Samuel Smith99.80
Samuel Eaton99.70
Benjamin Gavazzi99.65
Daniel Reede99.40
Xavier Fitzpatrick99.40
Bowen Zhang99.35
Liam Donohoe99.20
Antoine Kandalaft99.15
Darcy Baron-Hay99.10
Sean Hogan98.95
Ryan McAlpine98.90
Dylan McGirr98.65
Thomas Guihot98.55
Harry Cahill98.50
Adam Robinson98.45
Benjamin O'Dea98.10
Michael Long98.00
Benjamin Johnston97.55
Edward Johnson97.40
Callum Rossi97.40
George O'Connell97.30
Joshua Stevens97.25
Charles Vaux97.15
Matthew Horsley97.00
Anthony Bajjani96.65
Sui Yang96.60
Tom Lewis96.40
James Hayward96.35
Jack Griffiths96.15
Dominic Tynan96.15
Andrew Thomas96.10
James Middleton96.00
Ned Croston95.85
Connor Randazzo95.80
Andrew Sierakowski95.55
William Trad95.15
Lachlan Archer95.10
Thomas Mulhearn94.95
Thomas Lo94.80
Zachary McNamee94.80
Samuel Mills94.60
Peter Marley94.55
Maximilian Zekulich94.45
Benjamin Mackaness94.20
Jack McGregor93.90
Lyndon Collins93.90
Declan Curtin93.65
Owen Thomas93.55
Charles Howard93.55
Alexander Armistead93.40
Victor Huang93.30
Perry Drakopoulos93.20
Charles Debus93.15
Alexander McGuire93.10
Max Drennan
Joseph Schirato93.05
Marcus Greene93.05
Paul Salem92.55
Jamie Szabo92.20
Jesse Kehoe92.20
Isaac Falvey92.05
Dominic Rocks91.90
Thomas Garraway91.60
Alexander McManis91.35
Marc Knight91.05
Perry Fisher
Sean Kirk90.65
Alexander Fitzpatrick90.65
Lewis Deverall90.60
Benjamin Jilek90.50
William McKellar90.45
Nicholas Tracy90.30
David Lester90.30
James Eather90.20
William Glascott90.20