This collection is named after a 17th century Jesuit, Fr Athanasius Kircher SJ, who is the embodiment of depth and the magis. I congratulate the students whose works appear in this collection and for the differing ways in which they have used their God-given talents to respond creatively in producing outstanding works of scholarship as part of their Higher School Certificate. Each work is an inspiring expression of human excellence. In the next section, one of my predecessors, Fr Ross Jones SJ (College Rector 2011-2017), outlines most eloquently the life of Fr Athanasius and his extraordinary contribution, as a polymath, to many different fields of learning.


Major Works


Joe Calleia, Luke Fish, Harrison Hadley, Juach Juach, Jack Treacy | Murphy Mining Brothers (Group Performance)

Louis Cage, James Craig, Oliver Ell, Angus Greuiner, Zakariya Skaf and Max Toohey | Phar Lap (Group Performance)


Miles McKeon | Drilled
Angus Greiner | House Of Canon
Sam Kearney | A Purple Picture



Thomas Knox | Forgotten

Visual Arts

Oliver McLachlan | (Click image to open gallery)

Harrison Hartnell | (Click image to open gallery)

Graham Duckett | (Click image to open gallery)

Felix Vudrag | (Click image to open gallery)


Matthew Butler | (Click image to open gallery)


Oliver McLachlan | Music 1 – Performance Piano

When Sunny Gets Blue by Marvin Fisher

Rustle of Spring by Christian Sinding

Prelude 1 by George Gershwin

Moment Musicale No.2 in A flat major Op.94 D.780 by Franz Schubert


Sir Duke by Stevie Wonder

Dean Town by Vulfpeck

Billie’s Bounce by Charlie Parker

Armando’s Rhumba by Chick Corea


Helter Skelter by Lachlan Davidson

The Listener by Lachlan Davidson

Moanin’ by Charles Mingus (Leo Pellegrino Solo adaptation)

Dat Dere by Art Blakey and The Jazz Messengers

Chips N’ Salsa by Gerald Albright

Beat Me by Barry Cockroft