The Kircher Collection: HSC Major Works from 2021 highlights the extraordinarily creative and critical thinking of our senior students. The namesake of the annual publication, Athanasius Kircher (1601-1680), was a polymath widely known as “the Master of One Hundred Arts” whose work bridged the sciences and the humanities. In this vein, The Kircher Collection is an annual compendium of the finest work of our graduating class across a range of disciplines. This year, subjects include Art, Music, Drama, Literature, TAS and, for the first time, Science.

Congratulations to this year’s students whose works were selected for this remarkable publication. We invite you to view their works below.


Major Works



Alex El’Hazouri, Luca McDonald, Joseph Meagher, Kabir Rajpal and Edward Ryan | The Rise and Fall of the Union (Group Performance)

Luca McDonald | Bloodwood



Hamish Evans | Is it Dead?
Nicholas Long | Oh Danny Boy
Jack Thompson | Transcend

Visual Arts

Alexander Saadie | The Autopsy of Quinity (Click image to open

Mackenzie Thompson | Heavy industries: A Monochrome Tribute (Click image to open gallery)

Samuel Watson | Are You OK? Meaningful Conversations (Click image to open gallery)

James Wilson | Glory be to God for Dappled Things: Series of My Grandmother (Click image to open gallery)

Edward Wright | Persistence of Memory (Click image to open gallery)

Photography, Video & Digital Media

Edward Wright | A Cure for Insomnia

Technical & Applied Studies

Patrick Johnston | Study Desk (Click image to open gallery)


‘When I Was Your Man’ by Bruno Mars

‘Soul’ (original composition)

‘Gethsemane’ by Andrew Lloyd Webber

‘Lately’ by Stevie Wonder


‘Fusion’ by Jason Wooley

‘Cause We Ended as Lovers’ by Jeff Beck

‘Natchez Trace’ by J. Satriani

‘Sweet Georgia Brown’ by Django Reinhardt


Carlos Gundelach | Music 2 – Performance Piano

‘Suburban Rag’ by Elena Kats-Chernin

‘Prelude and Fugue No.6 in D minor’ by J.S Bach