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Riverview was slow to express its meaning in symbols. The College began in 1880 without a motto, badge or uniform. It took 25 years before any of those began to appear. In 1906 Father Thomas Gartlan, Headmaster, decided that the school should have a badge and a motto.

The Loyola and Onaz Families
The badge is made up of two coats of arms, representing two sides of the family of St Ignatius Loyola.
The Loyola family were a prosperous and powerful and owned a property by the Urola River. Another family, named Onaz, owned a farm about a mile from Loyola. These two families intermarried, sometime during the 13th century, and when the Onaz branch died out the Loyolas inherited their name and property—thus uniting the coats of arms.

The Wolves and the Pot
The coat of arms of the Loyola family was two grey wolves with a kettle between them. The Spanish word for wolf is lobo and olla is pot; so a wolf and a pot is lobo-y-olla, which is contracted into Loyola. The coat of arms was taken to refer to the generosity of the Loyola family which, in feudal times kept bands of followers in case of war. It is said that the family was so generous to their followers that even the wolves had something to feast on after the soldiers had eaten.

The Seven Bars
Seven diagonal bands, on a field of gold represent the coat of arms of the Onaz family. It is said that the King of Spain granted these bars in recognition of the bravery of seven Onaz brothers who distinguished themselves in battle. This part of the badge therefore reminds us of the courage and bravery of the family of Ignatius.

Many Jesuit Colleges have chosen the combined badge, but it is particularly relevant to Riverview, which is dedicated by name, and under the patronage of St Ignatius himself. It calls on all that wear it to show similar generosity and courage in all they do.

The School Motto: Quantum Potes, Tantum Aude
It is the motto underneath the badge that distinguishes one Jesuit College from another. Mottos are meant for us to live by. The motto Riverview has chosen is Quantum potes, tantum aude which is taken from the 13th century Eucharistic hymn, Lauda Sion Salvatorem, composed by Thomas Aquinas.
The motto may be translated to 'dare to do, as much as you can' or to 'strive your hardest'. It takes up themes central to Jesuit teaching and stresses the traditions of Riverview and the qualities expected of every student who passes through its doors.




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