Our Sustainability Vision

To educate our community and encourage active participants in moving society towards sustaining God’s creation. 

The College’s Sustainability vision for the Ignis Project is to create a community of learning and leadership in which people enjoy happy, healthy lives within their fair share of the earth’s resources, leaving space for wildlife and wilderness, and celebrating the Divine provenance of Riverview.

Sustainability Policy

This policy has been developed for the College and its community to become responsible environmental citizens. Riverview is committed to the responsible management of our resources; energy, water, waste and biodiversity. All members of the Riverview community should learn to appreciate and take responsibility for the management of our resources. Our decisions make an impact, our purchases, how we travel to school. Through this policy, the College aims to:

  • Foster our community to appreciate the gift of creation and their responsibility for its future
  • Develop in our community the knowledge, skills, values and commitment to move towards sustaining God’s creation
  • Inspire leadership within our community to move our society towards sustainability



We expect the Riverview community to switch it off and turn it down
The target is for energy use to trend down each year.


We expect the Riverview community to minimise use
The target for water resource management is to not waste water.


We expect the Riverview community to reduce, reuse, recycle
Organic waste is collected and mulched in our PulpMaster system, recycling occurs for paper and co-mingled.


We expect the Riverview community to tread gently
Riverview is blessed with natural and built assets, which need to be protected.

Environment Committee

The Environment Committee comprises inspired members from across our community, including staff, students and parents, and is chaired by Greg Conlon, Director of Operations. Meetings occur monthly during term time. The Committee reports to the College Council and is responsible for the following initiatives: riverview-walk, Low Waste Wednesdays, Solar panels installed on the Gartlan roof, Riverview Carbon Offset program, Environment Clubs (Regis and Senior), Earth Hour Breakfast  (Cool Australia 2014 review), Sustainable Living Festival, Catchment Day, Lenten Carbon Fast, Mobile Muster Electronic Waste recycling with Lane Cove Council.