The Year 9 Challenge is a four-week program that has been designed to expose boys to a diverse range of activities and experiences including a bush and city experience. 

We believe the program helps to promote and shape independent, self-disciplined and motivated Ignatians. Through experiencing opportunities for problem solving, personal challenges and genuine interactions and relationships with adults, the students develop in their personal maturity and embody the ideals of the Ignatian graduate. 

The Year 9 Challenge has four main goals:

  • To promote a love of learning and recognition that knowledge and skills and a connection and unity
  • To promote self-confidence and the ability to communicate ideas
  • The development of teamwork skills especially in learning situations
  • To encourage the competent use of technology



The Bush Experience, conducted by Southbound Adventures, is a five-day wilderness program for the students followed by an overnight student/mentor program.

Based around the Hawkesbury River area and surrounding National Parks and State Forests, the wilderness expedition utilises two modes of transport including canoes and mountain bikes. Students stay in the tents provided each night and cooking on small camp stoves. 


During the City Experience, boys will have an opportunity to be engaged in a range of cross-curricular activities largely based in and around Sydney during the ‘Curriculum Weeks’ of the program.  As well as allowing boys to experience their city in this practical way, they will also learn to navigate the city and surrounds.


The College also works with TAFE, Ryde Campus, to provide students with a two-day Hospitality Experience where, over two days, students learn the skills required in order to cook a three-course meal, make coffee/chocolates and serve a meal to customers.