Regis Campus—Years 5 and 6

Named after the French Jesuit Saint John Regis, whose ministry in the 1600s included teaching, care of the sick and destitute, and defending the Faith through his preaching, boys in Years 5 and 6 enjoy a range of facilities including a Chapel, Library, Computer Labratory, Educational Support Office, Canteen and Regis Hall. Sports facilities include outside basketball courts and two ovals. The Years 7 and 8 Boarding house is also located on this campus.

Students on Regis Campus travel to the Senior School for masses and assemblies, to use the Gartlan Sports Centre and for occasional classes and performances. 

The Role of the Homeroom Teacher

The Homeroom teacher is a caring presence in the life of your son here at the Regis Campus. They are in a wonderful position to track your son’s Spiritual, Academic, Social and Pastoral development. In most cases they teach the following subjects:

  • Religious Education
  • English
  • Mathematics
  • HSIE
  • Science and Technology



Students in Years 5 and 6 are expected to do up to one hour of homework per night, including 15 minutes of musical instrument practice and 15 minutes of reading. Homework is a regular study pattern–the time may include set homework, revision and extension of class work. Only assignment work will be given as weekend homework. 

Assessment and Reporting

There are many means by which students at the Regis Campus are assessed on their progress throughout the academic year, ranging from informal teacher observations to class assessment tasks.


  • Teacher observations
  • Standard of bookwork and homework
  • Unit revision papers and examinations
  • Class and grade assessment tasks and assignments


  • Term 1–Interim Report
  • Semester One–Formal Report  
  • Semester Two–Formal Report
  • NAPLAN (Year 5)
    ACER Testing (Year 6)
  • Additional testing is sometimes administered to support the development of a comprehensive learning profile of each boy. This testing can be used to form learning support, enrichment and extension programs for students where appropriate.