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 The Boarding Tradition

Father Dalton established Riverview as a boarding school for NSW country families in 1880, and to this day the Boarding Community is at the heart of the school. The Boarders bring life and a special sense of spirit to the campus; to 20% of our students this is not just a school, it is a home.

This special mix of students—from our country regions, from indigenous and refugee communities and from families in Sydney and around the globe, brings a richness to the lives of all students and staff at Riverview.

Boarding is a vital part of the Ignatian tradition of providing high quality education for boys with geographic, economic or personal challenges to overcome. As much as they provide a new life dimension for city boys, they in turn gain exposure to city life and a wider world.

In keeping with the school’s cura personalis ethos, the focus on a vibrant Boarding Community is important to the whole school.

Providing a Second Home

The peninsula at Riverview is home to around 330 boarders in Years 7–12, 50 families of staff at the College, and a small, but vibrant, Jesuit community. The Boarding community has been an integral part of the College for all of its 128 years.

The College is a full-time Boarding community, and approximately 70% of our boarders come from country NSW and outside the Sydney metropolitan area. Recently, there has been an increasing number of Boarders from the expatriate community living overseas.  The boys are allowed one Saturday night leave per fortnight. Many of our country families appreciate the common leave system for all boarders as well as the relaxed and caring environment that is provided.

The Boarding Community aims to provide a second home, in a family environment, for the Boarding students at Saint Ignatius’ College, Riverview. A Boarder should enjoy, as far as possible, the welcome, the security, the care and the privacy which would be his were he living at home. Students are well supervised but in a relaxed and friendly family atmosphere that allows for the individual care of each student. The boys live in the modern boarding houses with peers of their own Year group (a Division) and are cared for by experienced teaching staff from the College. The people primarily responsible for the boys (the Division Masters) live with their families attached to the boarding houses.

Physical Recreation

The Gartlan Indoor Sports Centre is an extraordinary facility that is available to Boarders. It includes an eight lane 25 metre heated pool with diving area, two basketball courts, extensive weights room and a multi-purpose indoor cricket area. Up to Year 10, each Division has time set aside on week nights to relax and enjoy the facilities, giving boys a good break from their studies and an excellent area for physical recreation. 

Music Lessons and Practice

The Woods Music Centre is open each weekday evening until 7pm to allow students the opportunity for lessons or practice.

Agriculture and Primary Industries

Our Agriculture Plot is quite extensive with students able to study Agriculture and Primary Industries through to the HSC. There are sheep, cattle, goats and chickens on site, as well as a number of experimental crops and fruit trees.

Health Facilities

The Health Centre is staffed by qualified nurses around the clock and the College Doctor conducts a surgery there every lunch time. A range of proactive Health initiatives throughout the year help to keep the Boarding Community healthy.

Wheelchair Access

The College is also fully wheel chair accessible and there have been three Boarders in wheel chairs in recent times.


There are two Refectories (Dining Halls) for the Boarders. For breakfast and dinner there are two sittings with lunch being provided for collection by the students. Year 12 Division sit down to a lunch shared with the staff. While staff are always present during meal times, the Proctors (Year 12 senior leaders in the Boarding House) have a leadership role in supervising students in the Refectory. Morning tea, afternoon tea and supper are also provided for the boys and a food committee, comprised of students from each division and catering staff, sits down weekly to give feedback on the meals for that week.

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Low Cost Accommodation

Two fully furnished townhouses are available for rental by Boarding parents for short term stays at the College. Bookings essential.

Personalised Boarding Tours

Any prospective boarder parents and their sons are welcome at anytime to inspect the College facilities. Please contact the College Registrar to organise a tour with the Director of Boarding Mr Guy Masters.