A Service of Acknowledgment and Dedication

In the Year of Mercy, the College and the Society of Jesus seek mercy from those who have been adversely affected by trauma and distress through the actions of those who have violated the trust in their profession, their vocation and their community.

We have given practical effect to this commitment by undertaking an initiative that recognises and acknowledges the dark chapters of abuse that tragically occurred here at Riverview.

Yesterday afternoon a solemn service was held in the school grounds to commemorate the survivors and to offer them directly a formal and public apology. It was attended by survivors of abuse and various members of the school community. At the request of survivors attending, the service was privately conducted.

Part of the service was devoted towards the dedication of a landscaped section of the Rose Garden, where a plaque has been installed as a permanent and salient reminder of this very dark chapter in the school’s history. In this area an Oak ­­­­­tree has been planted as a symbol of healing, strength and endurance. In addition, an artwork is being commissioned to signify the regret of the past and the hope for the future.

As a community we need to work assiduously to ensure that Riverview is a place where all will experience safety and protection.



We encourage all in our school community to visit the dedicated area, to view the plaque and tree and to reflect upon the great suffering endured by the survivors of abuse as well as paying tribute to their resilience and courage.

Statement of Apology

Saint Ignatius’ College, Riverview acknowledges that some students have suffered harm and abuse during their time at the school.

For that, the Society of Jesus, the College Council, the College Executive and Riverview College Community express a profound statement of regret and offers a sincere apology to the students and their families. Saint Ignatius’ College commits to creating a place where all feel welcomed and are safe for present and future generations.

May those who have experienced pain and suffering in the past find healing and peace.