Dear Members of the College Community,

I am writing to share with you what I witnessed today in a Sydney Court at the sentencing of former Jesuit Brother Victor Higgs.

Last month Mr Victor Higgs was found guilty of numerous offences committed against children at Riverview between 1971 and 1981. Today he was sentenced to 12 years for those crimes.

I sat silently in a Sydney Court and listened to those Old Boys of the College speak of how their lives had been forever changed as a result of the criminal abuse that they endured.

No one could be left unmoved by what they told the court. These were stories of enormous suffering and lifelong pain as a result of the abuse they suffered in the care of the Jesuits and this College.

Today was their day, for their voices to be heard and for their stories to be told.

On behalf of the entire College Community I want them to know that we have heard them, that we believe them and that we acknowledge the terrible impact that these crimes have had on their lives.

Today is one of profound sorrow and regret.

It is also a day that we stand as a College Community, side by side with those who have suffered so greatly.

On behalf of the College I reiterate our unreserved apology to them and their families for these abhorrent acts that should never have occurred and the terrible damage they have caused

Yours sincerely,

Dr Paul Hine